As I was passing through Union Square Park on my way to work this morning, I saw a cardboard sign in my path that said: DUDE! I need food!

There was a small painting of the same size a few feet away. I’m not sure if the painting and the sign were related, but it made me want to look around for the artist of the painting and/or the sign.
I never know whether to offer money or food to people begging (vocally or with signage), but this sign kind of made me want to hand something over. This morning, though, the cynic in me said, “Eh, it’s probably some artist dude who came up with the idea for the sign over PBRs with his buddies in Bushwick last night.”
The painting was pretty good though. I always say that one day when I have money, I’ll buy art from people on the street, since it’s usually more interesting to me than stuff I see in galleries, but that day seems really freaking far away.

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