Hey New Yorkers, what are you doing on November 6th?

Come out to the election countdown at Mama Joy’s! They’ll have a wall-sized U.S. map and throughout the evening will color in each state red or blue as the status is broadcast. There will also be specialty cocktails to commemorate the evening. I’ve been told that if you bring your “I voted” sticker, you’ll receive special attention and/or treats.  There will also be a round on the house as the new President is announced.

WHEN: Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Mama Joy’s
1084 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237

I’m planning to be there for at least a little while. I’ve never been to an election party, unless you count 2004 and that awkward Boston evening I spent on some guy’s couch back when I was an undergrad with a habit of “dating” lit mag editors who probably just liked me because they wanted someone to write poems about them. Little did they know what they were dealing with…Write, I did ; )

(I actually had dinner with one of them last year, and he asked, “So, did you ever kill me off in a story?”My response: “I was nineteen!”)

Anyway, in 2008, I was home in NYC with my then-boyfriend. We didn’t have TV (I still don’t), but I knew Obama had won when I heard the commotion outside. That was actually kind of cool—regardless of how you’d voted, it still  felt like a big moment.

I’m curious to see how this year pans out!

Have you ever been to an election party? 

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