I spent the beginning of my Super Bowl Sunday with my parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandfather (plus his lady friend) at El Parador, the oldest Mexican restaurant in NYC. It’s been a family favorite since before I was born, and the food never disappoints. 

After eating one of these peanut-butter-stuffed grilled jalepenos, my cousin Alex said, “I think my mouth is mad at me!” Luckily, his mouth forgave him, and they made up over nachos. 

For my entree, I ordered a “rubbed and grilled” sea bass, which came with lobster broth, string beans, and squash. I polished it off, no problem. 

My cousins proclaimed the day much more fun with Chris around to teach them silly tricks, like how to stick a quarter to your forehead. He also managed to get them hooked on spicy food, somehow. One second, it was, “Eww what is that?” And then suddenly, they’re officially obsessed with capsaicin. It’s hard to say no to El Parado’s salsa, though.

After weeks of awful, slushy weather, New York was really sunny and nice today, so Chris and I walked home. It felt so good to get some air! Eventually, spring will get here.

How did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?


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