Confession time: Sometimes I struggle with taking my own advice about breakfast. While I don’t think I could ever start my day on an empty stomach,  sitting down to a full meal within an hour or two of waking up really isn’t realistic every single day. It’s especially tough on the days I’m at the hospital, as I like to hit the gym (or the yoga mat) first thing and then eat at my desk while I’m screening my floors for the day. Weekday interdisciplinary rounds at 8:30 add yet another factor in the “when’s a girl supposed to freaking eat?” equation.

The solution I’ve come up with for myself is to eat breakfast in two parts on those days. I’ll start with something like a hard-boiled egg right after the gym to give my muscles something to work with. Later, I eat something like yogurt with ground flax and fruit or oatmeal. Of course, a person can only handle so many hard-boiled eggs before boredom sets in.

egg muffinsI feel like calling this a recipe is almost cheating because it’s basically just “Preheat oven. Mix eggs and stuff. Pour into muffin tins and bake. BAM.” Anyway, it was a great way to use up some evrything-must-go veggies and egg whites. Two of these babies as I was getting ready to leave my apartment got me through rounds without any snark or dizzy-sweaty-shaky business. You can eat these right out of the oven or store extras in the fridge and warm up in the microwave when you’re ready for them.


  • 6 eggs or 1.25 cups liquid egg whites
  • 1.5 cups chopped veggies (I used broccoli and white mushrooms)
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp grated parm or goat cheese (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line or grease a 6-muffin tin.
  2. Whisk together eggs/whites, spices, and cheese.
  3. Divide egg mixture amongst muffin cups. Add vegetables.
  4. Bake 15-20 minutes or until set.

Do you eat within an hour or two of waking up? What’s your favorite breakfast? 

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