I find it very appropriate that I had my Biochemistry final on the winter solstice—and on the heels of a full moon lunar eclipse, no less. That’s one heck of a culmination.

One of the major things astrologers talk about when it comes to eclipses is endings—”something may be eclipsed out of your life” is a pretty common phrase.   This go-around, I found out about one of these endings about a month ago (pretty typical for eclipses).

After almost a year as the Daily Plate blogger at All Access Internships, I received word that my column, along with their “Weekend Plate” column, is being discontinued. The website’s founders decided they wanted to take the blog in a different direction. Obviously, endings are rarely pleasant, but there’s almost always a silver lining.

For me, that silver lining is time. I didn’t get paid for my work with All Access, so haven’t lost anything there. In fact, it’s left more space in my schedule for paid work, which is what I should be doing anyway! For example, I’ve found I really like being a research assistant, and it’s been nice to be able to say yes to more interesting writing gigs. Here’s to hoping more will come!

Blissed Out

Next semester, I’m taking a much lighter course load. I’m happiest doing what I love (shocker), and what I’ve learned the hard way over the past four months is that a healthy balance includes building in room to breath and stretch and follow your bliss a little. For me, that entails  more space for writing and projects that pique my interest—not just requirements or things that other people tell me will look good on a resume. I’m also looking forward to spending some quality time with my hard-working fellow Sagittarius.

Cheers to endings and beginnings. Happy Winter Solstice : )

"Truly Blissed"

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