Whether you like baby carrots of think they’re gross or find it ridiculous that you should be expected to pay more for cut-up regular carrots, then you’ve got to check this out.
To encourage Americans to eat more vegetables (the CDC recently reported that only about 25% of Americans are eating the recommended three servings on vegetables),  this ad campaign uses fancy packaging, a baby carrot video game (I’m serious), and a video to sell you  baby carrots. Consumers are encouraged to “Eat ’em like junk food!”
After four clicks and accompanying pop-ups asking you if you’re “totally sure” you want to read the “boring” nutrition facts, you are allowed to see them. “Dude, for real.”
Wow. While this campaign is a little bit annoying, it’s also pretty amusing. It probably won’t work (on her blog, Food Politics, Marion Nestle reminds us of the unsuccessful Sponge Bob baby carrots), but hey, it’s worth a shot. My main question is, Why do we always focus on baby carrots? There are so many other veggies out there—shouldn’t we give them some attention?

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