Happy Labor Day! Any plans for the day off? I somehow managed to sleep for ten hours and intend to spend the rest of my day reading the New York Times, working on a couple articles (and my Project Food Blog stuff…), maybe going to the gym or for a walk at some point. It’s gorgeous out!

I also wanted to post about last night’s awesome dinner. For a long time, I didn’t really eat sandwiches. I have no idea why, but I just found them really uninteresting—It’s probably because in college, I relied for a while on turkey sandwiches (eaten sort of warm, from a ziploc) and got really burnt out!

I’m glad I got over that one, though. There are really a lot of creative things you can do with a few pieces of bread and a bunch of veggies, cheese, spreads, spices, whatever! Last night, Chris used the rest of a loaf of Italian bread to make these mozzarella-tomato-and-tapenade creations and then pressed then in the George Forman grill. Amazing. I made the side salad and roasted zucchini.

The tapenade was easy—

  • just throw some oil-cured olives  in the food processor with roasted red pepper, a clove or two of garlic, and a bit more olive oil.
  • Process until you’re left with a flavorful spread. A lot of mincing and mixing could get you to that point too.

Any favorite sandwich combinations? I think my weirdest one ever was a Trader Joe’s Masala Burger with peanut butter in a whole wheat pita. Not something I’d subject dinner guests to, but fantastic, nonetheless.

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