I try not to talk about my personal life too much on the blog, but I do have to say that the years 2008-2011 were really, really stressful in a lot of ways. Though the things I wrestled with are pretty to the generic 20-something  set, stress is stress, even if you can later chalk most of it up to growing pains.

A very green cafeteria creation

Fortunately, the end of last year made room for and ushered in a lot of positive—and new—energy into the mix.

Around this time last year, I was writing about craving green foods, and when I found myself in the same mindset today, I wondered if it, in some way, also spoke to satisfying a yearning for new beginnings. As a fresh-out-of-orientation dietetic intern (yesterday was my first official day on the floor seeing patients and writing notes), I’m as green as it gets, and I couldn’t be happier.

After years of dealing with a sense of disconnect and discontent that was, at times, overwhelming, it’s amazing to feel some things moving into alignment in certain areas of my life.  I’m grateful to feel I’m in the right place at the right time. Cheers to a fresh start!

What new things in your life are you most excited about or looking forward to? 

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