Good morning and happy Monday! Whether you wish the Monday-ness was an April Fool’s joke or not, it’s here. How was your weekend?

Dunkin Donuts run with my sister : )

Dunkin Donuts run with my sister : )

Unfortunately, I had a mostly sleepless night in New Jersey on Saturday and required a lot of coffee and endorphins to get me out the door to my aunt’s yesterday for Easter dinner. It was great to see everyone and I was fine once I was there, but I was still in need of a musical pick-me-up. PMS and religious holidays should not be allowed to coincide.

Cue the Somewhat Blasphemous Easter Survival Playlist:

  • “The Ballad of John & Yoko”—the Beatles
  • “Miracle Man”—Elvis Costello
  • “Shame”—Avett Brothers
  • “Roll Away Your Stone”—Mumford & Sons
  • “Get Me Away from here, I’m Dying”—Belle & Sebastian
  • “Friend of the Devil”—the Grateful Dead
  • “Beginning to See the Light”—the Velvet Underground
  • Sweet Virginia”—the Rolling Stones
  • “Sister Jack”—Spoon
  • “Shelter from the Storm”—Bob Dylan
  • “Acid Tongue”—Jenny Lewis
  • “Sound Like Hallelujah”—the Head and the Heart
  • “A Shot in the Arm”—Wilco
  • “Jesus the Mexican Boy”—Iron & Wine

Overall, though, it was a nice holiday, complete with good company, and the food was great. My mom wrote a great post about my grandmother’s lamb recipe.

A sampling of the Easter dinner offerings

A sampling of the Easter dinner offerings

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy it’s a new month. I have a few hopes and plans. I’m looking forward to hopefully hanging up my winter coat for the rest of the year.

Anything in particular you’re hoping to accomplish or anything you’re looking forward to this month? 

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