There’s no way around it: I’ve been a stress ball all day. Thanks to the recent cluster of earthquakes, the volcanic ash situation in Iceland, and a meteor over the Midwest thrown in for good measure, just about all my apocalypse anxiety buttons have been pushed.

However, I’m feeling slightly less wigged out after an organic chem class and a trip to Whole Foods, not to mention the subduing effect of allergies/a cold.

It’s been a comfort food kind of week for me, and by comfort food, I mean expensive treats—Kombucha and Siggi’s yogurt (yes, Icelandic yogurt), to be precise. I also have some salmon in the fridge I’m going to make for dinner before I have to go to work.

I know that rewarding oneself with food is not the way to go, but I do think treating yourself now and then is a must, and enjoying a favorite item is especially rewarding after a trying exam or a long day or during that time of the month when you’re hormonally predisposed to feeling awful. And besides, I suppose one could do a lot worse than to turn to fermented tea, agave-sweetened nonfat yogurt, and omega-3-packed fish in times of need. Let’s just not talk about how my wallet’s feeling.

Another treat—I get to skip lab tomorrow. I’m hoping to hang out in my pajamas and play around on the ukulele for as long as I can because that’s what I like to do when I need to slow it down a little.

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