After a week full of running around and dodging stress bullets, I finally had a day off on Friday. I took advantage of the downtime to cook, clean, and relax. I did some much-needed grocery shopping and cooked up a bunch of stuff to get the fridge re-stocked for Chris’ return from Hawaii (!). On the list:

Tomato Sauce (New favorite trick: put sauce on to simmer right as you start a workout. When you come back in an hour, it’s done!)

Last Legs Eggless Muffins (recipe to come)

Mama Pea’s Creamy Broccoli Soup

and Brown rice (in my new rice cooker/slow cooker—awesome)

I only just now realized the little blue guy is humping the truffle oil—whoops!

I even cleaned the kitchen. I don’t even want to think about how long it had been.

Here’s to hoping I don’t have to take any last-minute trips for a long while. There have been too many recently. Between my great-grandmother’s funeral, volunteering, class, work, and a trip out to New Jersey to see my grandfather, who was just put on hospice, I haven’t really had a chance to decompress. All you can really do is wait and see, do what you need to do.


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