Last night, Chris and I took a break from studying to celebrate our birthdays with some friends we haven’t seen nearly enough of this semester. I wish I had more pictures to share, but all I got around to is this quick shot of the snack table I assembled about twenty minutes before the first person showed up. Not too shabby for someone whose brain was still in homework-land…Our guests also brought lots of food and liquor—always appreciated.

img 11191 - Double BirthdaysI’m surprised I’m not more tired, having gone to bed around 3 and woken up at 8 (chronic early riser, right here), but I have a feeling there will be some caffeine involved in getting through the afternoon at the library, though. It was totally worth taking a night off, though. Cheers to the madness almost being over.

photo on 2010 12 11 at 11 34 4 - Double Birthdays

Green Juice to the Rescue! What hangover?

I’ve had a little less time this week to post about some interesting goings-on in the nutrition world, but you might want to check these out: