Yesterday, my friend, the lovely and talented Jade Sylvan, posted a great blog entry on body image, which sparked quite a discussion on Facebook. It seems that everyone has a story to share about a time when they felt judged* for how they looked or felt uncomfortable in their own skin.

It’s ridiculous the way we’re made to feel bad about our appearance—regardless of what we look like. We should be spending our time and energy doing the things that make us feel good and help us spread positive energy,

Thank you so much to Jade for putting out the word and getting a dialogue going.

Do you ever wrestle with body image issues? How do you deal? 

*My story involves someone who told me my hips were “too big.”  I remember thinking, “Dude, I like having hips. Shut up.” I just gave him a hard time about going out of his way to to tell me I don’t have a perfect body. Like, tell me something I don’t know. F*** perfect.

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