Thanks for being patient while I get the hang of fitting blogging into my schedule. I’m working on finding ways to all those everyday human things.

One thing I can already tell is going to be a big thing for me is do-ahead breakfasts. My two recent favorites are overnight oats that get reheated. While I posted a post on cold overnight oats a while ago, I’ve been making a version with skim milk that’s just as good warm as it is cold. 

Raechel at the Rebel Grrl Kitchen gave me the idea to make overnight steel-cut oats. Dude, why had I never done this before? I actually made mine with water instead of almond milk, and it was so freaking good. 

In a microwave-safe dish, I mixed:

  • 1/4 steel-cut oats
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • cinnamon, ground cloves, ground ginger to taste
  • vanilla extract
  • 1 small chopped pear (optional)
  • ~3/4 c water
I mixed all the ingredients and let them sit covered in the fridge overnight. In the a.m., I uncovered the bowl and microwaved it for about 2minutes and 45 seconds. Topped with PB, it was delicious and lasted me until a late lunch!  

What breakfast are you loving lately? 


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