Before this internship, I never really had to think too much about trying to fit in appointments on my days off. Haha yeah…and once upon a time, it was always light out when I woke up. Now, if the sun is up when I open my eyes, I start panicking that I’ve overslept.

I went out to NJ on Tuesday to get my teeth cleaned, but I also got to have lunch with my dad and sister, who both happened to be around. We went to a cafe near my parents’ house, where I had a surprisingly awesome salad..

salmon with arugula & other greens, cherry tomatoes, roasted shallots, artichoke hearts, and shaved fennel in a sherry vinaigrette.

Last time I saw my dentist, it was because I’d lost a filling eating kale because clearly, I’m just awesome at being awesome. Fortunately, I’m cavity-free this time around, with all my old fillings intact. This week came complete with a few weird anniversaries, and I have to admit, it’s been quite a year—in a good way! I couldn’t have dreamed up half the things I’ve experienced, but goodness. Never a dull moment.

Take, for example, this “choose your own adventure” cookie fortune I found in the 66th Street 1 Train station… 

What do you think it means? Should you keep the promise or keep the thing you promised someone for yourself? I have my suspicions…

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