Sometimes last-minute travel changes pay off—when we heard how bad the rough weather was going to be today, we booked tickets for an earlier train (originally we were going to take an 11:30 bus), and ended up getting in barely an hour before Amtrak canceled service between Boston and Manhattan. I heard there were a lot of accidents on the roads, so I hope everybody out there is okay! 

I’m currently curled up in a chair at Chris’ dad’s house playing around with my new iPad (!). Is it dorky that I’m excited to put all my textbooks on it? I’m also looking up note-taking applications so I can use it to keep up in class. I’ve been secretly wanting one of these ever since I got over the whole “iPad with wings” thing. Well okay, I still find that a little bit funny…

okay, very funny

Yesterday feels a long way away already. I can’t wait to get in bed. First, though, there will be fondue.

Speaking of fondue, anyone out there with a healthy-eating New Year’s resolution, here’s some good news. And for those of you still wondering what yours might be (if you plan to make one), check out this New Year’s Resolution Generator. The first one that came up when I tried it was, “Take More Photos.” Well all right then.

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