It’s rare that my high school friends and I can get it together to be in the same place at the same time, but last night, a group of 8 of us managed to make and stick to dinner plans. After some wine at Ali’s, we went to Dar 525 in Williamsburg, a newish Middle Eastern restaurant.

The food was delicious. The table shared a few appetizers, and then I ordered a falafel platter. I think the last time I had falafel was over the summer (which was totally last week), so this hit the spot. I barely made a dent in it because it was such a large portion, but for $8, no complaints.

pardon the crappy photo—it was dark

pardon the crappy photo—it was dark

Though the restaurant is still working on getting a liquor license and had some technical difficulties when it came time to pay the bill, it was still nice to enjoy some good food with old friends. If I lived closer, I’d definitely go back to try the lamb and chicken kebabs and the shakshuka. It also reminded me that it’s been way too long since I’ve made falafel at home, so maybe I should get on that.

Do you like Middle Eastern food? How often do you get together with old friends? 

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