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I drive my family crazy during holiday gatherings because I slip into the role of Time-Temperature Abuse Police. “Mom, don’t you think this cheese platter has been out long enough? Did you check the temperature of the meat? Ahem—How long has this sushi been on the counter?” I also obsessively wipe countertops. I know, I know. It’s not totally my fault, though—you take a Microbiology class and then come talk to me.

One holiday health hazard that normal people actually think about, though, is the great double dip debacle. Many people get grossed out by the mere thought of someone dipping a chip, taking a bite, and then dipping it right back in. Others shrug off such germ-phobic disdain and double-dip to their heart’s content.

So is double-dipping that chip in the salsa really so bad?

Apparently, yes.

This video from the Wall Street Journal explains…

Is It True? The dangers of the double-dip

Are you a double-dipper? If not, do you know any double-dip offenders? Any good stories about double-dip-related confrontations? 

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