I’m glad to know I’m not the only one out there who’s not quite up to “blogging as usual.” A week post-Sandy and I’m just not ready yet to be, like, “Oh my god—chia seeds!”  Some other bloggers (The Daily Muse and Cup of Jo are a few  local favorites) have been sharing links to various charities where you can donate your time and money to help those impacted by the storm. You can make a donation to the American Red Cross or assist in one of many other ways.

I’m off today since I worked the weekend, so I’m just catching up on laundry, making soup, and listening to a lot of favorite “fall” albums (including but not limited to Elvis Costello’s This Year’s Model, Belle & Sebastian’s Tigermilk, and Yo La Tengo’s I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One). I’ve also been making time for a bunch of personal emails I’ve been meaning to get around to for weeks and months. I have class later, so it’s nice to have a little cozy downtime.

What’s your idea of a cozy day? Also, is it just me, or does the word “cozy” look really weird if you type it enough times? 

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