In today’s hilarious news, Dr. Siegel, founder of the Cookie Diet, which I posted about several weeks ago, is reportedly suing Kim Kardashian for calling the cookies “unhealthy” on her Twitter page. Oh dear…

First, the actress sent a cease and desist letter to the company, accusing them of falsely claiming that she was endorsing the diet. Siegel and Co., in turn, are seeking damages again Kardashian. What they reportedly claim is that she had a “commercial motive” to bash the weight-loss cookies, given her work with QuickTrim, another weight loss program. You can read more here.

Yet another reason I hate quick-fix, product-based diets. It’s kind of amusing, though. I mean, celebrity names aside, someone is that invested in freaking cookies that they’re suing someone over negative comments about said cookies. What is our world coming to?

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