Living in New York, I think I take it for granted that if I really want, I can get an egg-white omelet or a belgian waffle or oatmeal any time of day or night I want. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky.

There are, naturally, many people who would like to be able to get breakfast all the time. According to recent restaurant surveys, nearly half of US consumers report wanting full-service restaurants to offer breakfast fare all day and about a third would like limited-service restaurants to do the same.

As noted in Technomic’s “Breakfast Consumer Trend Report,” consumers in general find breakfast food comforting, but women are even more into the idea of being able to get breakfast at lunch and dinner. I guess I can see that.

Also interesting, apparently the purchase of breakfast sandwiches is on the rise. I don’t know why I find this so interesting or amusing exactly…maybe because I’ve always thought of, like, bacon-egg-and-cheese-type breakfasts as hangover food (at least for me, though it’s fortunately been a long, long time…).

Even though you could joke that a lot more people are probably drinking a lot because the economy sucks, I think it’s also true that a savory breakfast is very comforting and makes people feel like they’re getting a good, solid start to their day. I guess you could also say that in times like these, you need to feel like you’re getting off on the right foot in at least some respect.

It could also be, too, that breakfast tends to be cheaper than other meals.

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