Lindt coconut chocolateWhy do the good weekends always go the fastest? This time yesterday I was lounging by a pool, and today I’m about to lie down for a quick nap before starting some work for job #2. One day, maybe I’ll just have one job instead of 3. That would be neat.

Sometimes after a bleary-eyed Monday workday (part I), the CVS pharmacist (who always remembers you) saying, “You don’t look so tired today,” is enough to lift you out of a “WTF, full moon/Monday” fog. Coming across a new kind of chocolate helps even more. For those of you who avoid the coconut truffles in the box, I’ll take ’em. PMS is a great excuse for an impulse buy, especially one that involves dark chocolate.   I’m definitely looking forward to trying this.

Do you like chocolate and coconut together? What was your last impulse buy? 

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