As a kid, I used to read the cereal box while eating breakfast. Even as an adult, if you put something with text on it in front of me, I can’t help reading it. Food science courses have only made my reading more intense. Chris and I have had many conversations over dinner about, say, the soy sauce on the table or the oft-mentioned nutritional yeast.

This afternoon over some leftover soup, I got us going on the salt we were sprinkling into our bowls (soup is so much better when you can add as much or as little as you want to get it just right). Some more civilized folks have salt shakers but it’s really never occurred to me to want one…

We have a big-ass thing of Diamond Crystal Iodized Salt, which calls itself “The FINER Salt,” and explains why it’s so “special” on the package:

“Diamond Crystal salt is so unique because it actually says put where you shake it. Most other salts are granulated and bounce off food easily. But each and every fine grain of our salt has many facets, created through our proprietary Alberger process. As a result, Diamond Crystal salt sprinkles evenly and clings to food to bring out its full flavor.”

Um, gee, I’d never considered clingy salt to be a selling point before, but I guess I’ll have to start paying attention to how much salt bounces off my food now…

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