img 0977 - Cleaning My Room

After satisfying my Chinese food craving last night, I cracked open a fortune cookie to reveal this little nugget of wisdom. Good god, my hand looks old.

When my mom asked me if there was anything special I wanted to do this weekend, I didn’t have much on the list—I’m pretty happy just not having to set my alarm or run around doing a zillion things. However, this time, I have a lot of cleaning to do…

My family moved into the house my parents currently live in a few days after my sixteenth birthday. With my sister and I no longer living “at home” (It’s been 7ish years for me—crazy how fast that’s gone), they’ve been thinking about moving—or at least using my old room/guest bedroom as storage space in the meantime. Since I basically only do overnight visits for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it makes sense.

img 0875 - Cleaning My Room

I wish I remembered the story behind this

Turns out Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to clean our your teenage-hood bedroom, even if it does slow things way the F down. I’ve been finding all kinds of crazy things!

img 0985 - Cleaning My Room

A sculpture someone made and gave to me a long time ago. 2006?

img 0990 - Cleaning My Room

Notes about…something I wish I remembered.

Have you ever cleaned out a room you haven’t lived in for a very long time? Find anything interesting? 

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