Is it just me, or did this year go by really quickly? It’s gone so quickly, in fact, that I haven’t even really had time to sit back and do a re-cap. I know I went to Italy and North Carolina and Boston, and I know I worked my ass off in school. An injury inspired me to take up pilates again and try dance classes. I got a harp. I also started a new job and said good-bye to an old one. I tried out a lot of new recipes too, many of which are keepers and involve pumpkin.

A lot of people have been posting and talking about New Years resolutions. Chris keeps saying his is to go commando more often, so I guess mine is to do less of his laundry! Actually, my main “real” resolution is to do less in general—do fewer things but do them better, spend less time running around doing stuff I don’t need to do.

cornmeal-crusted tempeh

I hope everyone’s enjoyed their last day of 2010 so far! I know I have! Chris and I went out for a late lunch and then meandered through the city a little. I finally took him to Caravan of Dreams, and then there was Stogo and coffee involved.

Tonight I think we’re going to a movie and then stopping by a party. Our neighborhood is a zoo on New Years Eve, so it will be fun to do something elsewhere!

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