Sunday I went out to NJ to celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday. I joined my mom, grandfather, my aunts Karen and Nancy and Brian and Alex for their usual Sunday outing.

We went to a local restaurant for a long-ass leisurely lunch, where the big group of us sat at the bar while we ate and drank and talked. There was also some football-watching.

The food at this place is always good—really solid Italian fare without a lot of fuss. I enjoyed a mixed greens salad…

and swordfish with broccoli rabe. 

Even though I only finished about half of each dish, it didn’t occur to me to bring any of it home. Sometimes, I’m super on-top of leftovers, and other times, meh. Perhaps the glass of pinot noir I enjoyed with my meal had something to do with it. I’m not the kind of person who can really drink in the afternoon, but hey—it was a Sunday, and we were celebrating a milestone birthday. What better way to toast to good health than with a glass of antioxidant-rich red wine?

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