While I was home sick Tuesday and Wednesday, I definitely made use of my time.  Yes, I did roast an eggplant. I also roasted broccoli and peppers, and I opened a giant can of pumpkin to play mad scientist in the kitchen with. I still have lots left. We’ll see what else I come up with…  

I ended up with a curry-like pumpkin red lentil soup and a batch of pumpkin-apple oats to get me through the rest of the week.

Another reason I haven’t been posting anything too extensive this week is because I’m studying for an exam I have on Monday for my Vitamins & Minerals class. I have really bad ADD so studying is very frustrating, but fueling my brain with sprouted grain toast topped with ricotta and roasted figs was a big help.  Green tea never hurts either. That little bit of caffeine goes a long way. 

Are you/were you good at studying? How do you do it? 

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