courtesy of LA WeeklyOnce upon a time (before many of us were born/old enough to remember), flying on a plane was kind of glamorous. Supposedly the food was also more than edible. So the legend goes, anyway. This article from last weekend’s New York Times explains how some airlines are working with chefs to try and bring back a little of that former glory.

I never actually thought about this, but altitude and things like dryness and cabin pressure have a huge impact on the flavor of a food, which explains a lot about the blandness and, well, weirdness of most airline food. I had no idea that had any impact on the wine selection (I never thought about the fact that someone’s gotta buy the wine for an airline) and the ubiquitousness of tomato juice.

I hate to fly, and I can’t remember the last time I took a trip that involved an in-flight meal (maybe Italy in 2010?), but in general, I prefer to pack my own snacks.

When you fly, do you like to buy food on board or bring your own? 

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