This afternoon, I met up with a few classmates at Cafe Blossom (now called Blossom Bistro) on the Upper East Side. I’d been to Blossom Restaurant in Chelsea before and was happy to see the same kind of delicious vegan fare in a more casual setting. I’d recommend this place to just about anyone, vegan or not.

I enjoyed the veggie grain burger (made with lentils and legumes) with lettuce, tomato, and hummus in a spinach wrap with a side salad. Amazing. I was a little nervous when I ordered it that it would be too much food, but it was the perfect size.

Sarah’s quinoa salad (complete with mango guacamole) looked gorgeous, as did Kate’s tempeh chili and lentil rings. I also had to agree with her when she said her sunset smoothie kind of tasted like Easter—like Easter in Florida!

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