There are a lot of sagittarians in my life, so this time of year is dotted with birthday gatherings and celebrations. Last week while I was in New Jersey, I met up with my friend Liz, who was born exactly one week before me, and her hilarious roommates for dinner at a restaurant called Cafe Amici.

Liz and I met in the seventh grade, when we were lab partners. We’ve been friends ever since—I love her no-nonsense approach to life and get a kick out of her nursing horror stories. I’m embarrassed to admit this is the only picture I have of us. I think it’s from some Hawaiian Troubador-themed 8th grade graduation party I don’t remember at all, as I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out and was barely getting by thanks to pain killers. 14 was not a good year for the roses.

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There's me & Liz, on the left

We don’t catch up as much as we’d like, but it was fun to meet up in the motherland for a change over good food. After much debate, I ordered a filet of sole special which came with potato ravioli and spinach, plus salad to start. img 3636 - Cafe Amici

img 3637 - Cafe AmiciIt was awesome. I’ll have to remember this place next time I’m in the area and looking for something a step or two above a diner. It was great to catch up with the girls and celebrate Liz’s 26th birthday with a ton of laughs and good food.

When you go visit your family, are there any restaurants you like to go to?