I think it’s only just starting to hit me what an intense few days it’s been for the New York City area (and around the rest of the east coast too).  I think because I was safe and dry and went right into “how can I help” mode, I didn’t really have a chance to really feel much of anything besides grateful—and tired. But wow. I think this New York magazine cover says a lot more than I could. 

I worked a pretty quiet day at the hospital today—it was kind of eerie. My patients were lovely, but I just felt kind of…unsettled. In the aftermath of an event like this, you can give your time and your money, but then what? And then all those “what if” questions start.

So naturally, I did what any  American female worth her credit card limit would do—I went shopping. The only thing I really “need” right now is candlesticks (ironic, I know, but they’ve been on my list for over a month), but somehow, I decided that what I really needed to do was get rid of the last of my ex-boyfriend’s dishes since it’s been over a year and, well, I don’t really need them. Besides, bad energy. I’d throw them at a wall, but then I’d have to clean up the mess, and who knows what kind of karmic BS would be unleashed, right?

For better or worse, West Elm also happened to be having a sale on dinnerware, glassware, and the like, so I bought myself a few new bowls and a mug that makes me smile. At $20, this was some pretty effective retail therapy. Life’s too short not to love what you’re drinking and eating from.

I think the last time I actually bought dishes/bowls was when I moved into my first apartment back in 2006. Crazy to think of it that way, but time has this funny way of passing.

Do you like cute dishes and bowls? Do you have ex-lover’s kitchenware? Ever broken plates on purpose? 

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