Happy weekend, guys! Hope yours is going well so far.

Yesterday, I met up with the lovely Amanda for lunch at Bonobos to talk about nutrition programs and the process of becoming an RD. I love talking to others who are interested in making a big career change—I remember thinking I was so alone and weird and old when I went back to school, which is really laughable now!

Bonobos famous nori rolls

I also love how time changes your perspective on things. I remember crying in the bathroom that day they had to evacuate the orgo lab because my thermometer overheated and exploded (whoops), but now I laugh about it. Ditto the time I overheated a crucible and it broke. I have problems with overheating things, clearly. This may or may not say a lot about me.

Making changes and learning new things can be really intimidating, but it almost always works out for the better, with plenty of opportunities to acquire good stories along with your new skills, broken thermometers and all.

What’s one of the biggest changes you ever made? 

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