This past weekend I went up to Amherst for my friend Carrie’s bridal shower. We got in Saturday night to prep for an afternoon of food…

dsc03634 - Bridal Shower in Amherstdrinks…

dsc03617 - Bridal Shower in Amherstand, yes, a sex-toy party…dsc03661 - Bridal Shower in Amherst


dsc03668 - Bridal Shower in Amherstdsc03683 - Bridal Shower in Amherst

Sexy-Dice Fail

mov03677 - Bridal Shower in Amherst

well, well

It was a fun quick trip. I’m technically on Spring Break right now, so my plan is to enjoy taking things at my own pace for a few days. I have a few work and school assignments to finish and a midterm to study for, but nothing too involved. On Wednesday, I’m going away with my mom, sister, and aunts for our annual girls’ trip, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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