…at least that’s what my astrologer told me last time I saw her (yes, I have an astrologer I check in with every few years—don’t you?). And yes, that’s totally a nod to a Joni Mitchell song. And while I’m obviously not Joni Mitchell’s long-lost daughter, sometimes this song makes me feel like I am, and this is the song that made me realize I needed to change my life last summer

But anyway, astrology. Supposedly  the aforementioned moon in cancer has a lot to do, for example, with why I’m drawn to OB nutrition for reasons I’ve had to figure out how to explain —not to mention my need for a cozy nest of an apartment I can easily get to and from. She only reminded me of this when I went to see her in March. It had been a few years (last time we’d spoken was mid-2009), and a ton of things had changed in both my career and home-life. In the midst of it all, I’d forgotten all about the moon and its emphasis on nurturing, nourishment, and mothering.

However, one thing she told me the first time we spoke was that I have Chiron, the wounded healer, in my chart—in my house of career, to be specific.  At that time, I was 20, and a writing major with a bad-ass case of insomnia. Given that much of my writing then focused on things  lots of women need to talk about but are discouraged from sharing,  it aligned with the fact that I’d always assumed I’d work a day job in publishing or PR and eventually find my way in to a position that involved working to empower teenage girls to, like, say “no” or something. And yes, I recognize the irony my tattoo presents there. 

And then I graduated and started working and realized, while employed by an acupuncturist who specialized in women’s health and fertility (go figure), that I wanted to pursue a career that emphasized helping others and spreading positive energy in a more direct way. My interest in nutrition, specifically, stems from a family history of cancer, and from growing up amongst people with unhealthy relationships to food who exposed the kids to a lot of misinformation. Learning to tune out the noise is a skill I worked hard to cultivate, and I try to bring an air of calm to any room I enter where I’m asked or expected to talk about nutrition. Basically, I just want to help people chill out and feel confident in their ability to make good choices for themselves regardless of what others around them are doing—we all have different needs.

guess who’s getting a much-needed haircut next week?

So again, that whole Chiron thing applies, if in a different way. The past week or so, however, it’s been a bit more literal.

I know I’ve complained about my stitches a few times.  Honestly, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a fairly small deal (just a “dangerous” mole in an inconvenient spot), and I’m getting them out at the end of next week. They don’t hurt so much anymore, but I have to keep them covered, so it looks pretty dramatic. I’ve noticed some people looking at it, like, “what the f*** happened to her?” and while it makes me a little embarrassed, it’s been kind of interesting, getting a very small taste of what many patients go through—the physical pain, anxiety, hassle of changing dressings, funny looks on the subway, etc. I guess what I mean is it helps you get a sense of where someone might be coming from and why they might initially be standoffish when you stroll in with your clipboard at 8:30 a.m. wearing your perky game face.

Pardon the rambling post. I blame the inevitable Joni Mitchell listening-fest that occurred while writing it.

Do you pay attention to astrology at all? Have you ever had to go to work with an injury? 

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