Yesterday, I met a girlfriend for lunch at Bonobos on 23rd. Though Chris had told me before how great it is, I’d never stopped in any of the million times I passed by. In part, this was because my schedule never had me around there at lunch time. However, this being reading week for finals, my schedule was all kinds of kooky, so I finally got to check it out. I am so glad I did.

I asked one of the guys behind the counter to recommend something, and he suggested their nori rolls—nut meat (I went with almond-tahini) with vegetables (carrot, cucumber, beets, sprouts, celery) wrapped in seaweed. It was divine, as was the coconut water I enjoyed with it. The place isn’t rock-bottom cheap, but given the amount of work that goes into creating the food and the quality, I didn’t mind shelling out a couple bucks more than normal.


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