1. ) I don’t know what is in the air, but lately, all my blog spam seems to want to talk about is middle school dances. I’d prefer not go there, but with half the nursing staff at work wearing body glitter, it’s gotten harder to keep down the traumatic “teen canteen” flashbacks. Good. F***ing. God. My mother treasures my 7th grade photo because it is that bad—braces, triangle-shaped hair, polyester shirt with angels on it, and a bug-shaped barrette. Yeah.

2.) So far so good with the Bring Your Own Protein thing. I also discovered that tetra-packed hummus dresses up a boring salad pretty well. With ~65 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 120 mg of sodium, it’s actually pretty sane, nutrition-wise. I also love that the ingredients list is short and pronounceable. Sanity is a thing for me when it comes to food. IMG_2439

3.) I cannot stop listening to David Bowie this week. #sorryimnotsorry

4.) Last week’s sad-bastard mood seems to have lifted, and I’ve managed to keep myself from posting the snarky Facebook posts I keep starting to write. I was starting to worry I was deficient in whatever vitamin/mineral tames the urge to post stuff to my social networks like, “Well good for you” or “You want us to know your husband buys you flowers ‘for no reason’ ’cause he’s compensating, don’t you?” Seriously, though, when did Facebook become a contest of who can elicit the most eye rolls?

5.) Speaking of snarky, I’m dealing with some ridiculous PMS-induced cravings. Doesn’t happen every month, but OMG—someone please bring me some lobster meat so I can make this. I might settle for cake, but honestly, what’s the point of cake without a party? Of course my clinical brain is all, “Hmm…what nutrients am I lacking that can be found in abundance in giant sea bugs?” Either that or I’m deficient in beach time.

What’s on your mind this Friday?

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