Today, we’ve got a blue moon, which only happens about once a year, and I have to admit, this week has been tinged with  a sense of “once in a blue moon.” I’ve found myself doing and thinking of things that rarely occur to me. 

Here’s an amusing example: even though we usually stick to minimally-processed and whole foods, last night Chris and I were both struck with a craving for…Kraft Macaroni & Cheese—out of nowhere, and totally independent of each other. So I went out and got a box of his favorite Spirals and some milk (plus chips—I’ve been told the super-ripe avocado is going to become guacamole in the near future).

I have to admit, the nutrition stats and ingredient list on the Mac & Cheese weren’t as bad as I remembered (though I’ll never be a fan of food coloring), and since the sauce was made with 1% milk and very little butter, it was actually a decent source of calcium and protein without being too high in saturated fat.

Conveniently, a box makes about 2 1-cup servings. We ate it with a salad on the side to get in some veggies and called it a night.  I don’t know what it is, but once in a blue moon, the crap from the blue box really does hit the spot.

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