Self-Care Tips for Empaths

I remember the first time someone ever called me an empath. I was, like, “Wait,...
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It is that time again! Momma gets a day to relax. In the United States, Mother’s Day lands...
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Baked Buffalo Tempeh

Lately, I’ve been asked to share some of my go-to meal prep tips and recipes featuring...
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December 2020 Media

Welcome to my first blog post of 2021! We made it to the new year. As I mentioned on Instagram the other day, 2020 year reminded me that, in so many ways, so much comes down to how we respond to shake-ups and what we’re willing to believe about the depths of our...

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My Word of the Year for 2021

With the arrival of each new year, I like to choose a word or phrase to focus on to help guide me as I think about what I want to accomplish in the months ahead. When I reflect on where I was at this time last year -- filled with unknowns and uncertainties about my...

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Healthy Holiday Recipes From Registered Dietitians

Food traditions are a special part of the holiday experience and while you can mindfully enjoy your favorites, just as they are, there are also lots of great ways to improve the nutrient value of or lighten up some heavier traditional dishes.  This round-up features...

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Life Updates and November 2020 Media

Today happens to be my 35th birthday. When I was in my twenties I thought that when I got to this age I’d feel “old” (ridiculous, I know) or hung up on all the things I hadn’t done yet that I was supposed to have checked the boxes for. As I celebrate another spin...

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October 2020 Media

October is usually my favorite month, and even though there were some 2020-spirited challenges to that statement, I still feel grateful I had the opportunity to experience a lot of the things I love about fall in the Northeast: beautiful weather and long walks in the...

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