Q2 2022 Media Round-Up

Happy Monday, guys. Hope your week is getting off to a great start! The past few months have been...
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Lemon Dill Hummus

Hummus is a staple food in my house. I eat it in some context almost every single day. Sometimes I...
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What Are Functional Foods?

The topic of functional foods – what are they and how they can be best incorporated into...
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March 2021 Media 

I can’t believe it’s April already! I hope your month is off to a good start. As I mentioned recently on Instagram, I’ve been focusing a lot on balance and energy management.  I’ve been making jokes about detoxing from the NYC hustle culture, but there’s actually a...

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My Word for 2021: Update 

Right before the new year, I shared my word of the year for 2021: thrive. And then we actually got into 2021 and I felt like I needed to be more specific.  Inspired by Jen Glantz’s “You’re Not Getting Any Younger” podcast episode  about taking a quarterly approach to...

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February 2021 Media

I know that February is only 2-3 days shorter but it somehow always feels like trying to fit twice the responsibilities into half the time compared to Other months. Maybe it’s the cold and the darkness? Since I can remember February has been that month where I...

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January 2021 Media

I feel like January is always such an intense month, and not only was this year no exception, at times it felt like the universe was out to prove something. With the challenges, though, there were some big silver linings to acknowledge. While there was a lot of...

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