Is it just me or have pocket calculators gotten bigger too? I can just imagine the logic behind this:

Bigger Americans–>Bigger Pockets–>Bigger Pocket Calculatorsimg 3403 - Big Pockets, Big Pocket Gadgets

Oh well.

Apparently I’m equally left and right-brained. When I was first told that, I was, like, “No—I’m totally…oh. Yeah. Good point.”

This makes me a nerd probably (much in a different sense than does the fact that I can’t stop listening to this album lately), but I’ve always kind of liked math, even when I was of the age where one pretends to hate math. Sure, I spent lots of time writing poetry when I should have been paying attention in AP English, but I really dug Trigonometry and even Pre-Calc. The sweet graphing calculators were totally part of the deal. I still have mine somewhere.

I’m starting off Tuesday with a little spring in my step thanks to my new $5.79 pocket gadget. At my lab coat pockets are bigger than the ones in my skinny corduroy leggings. As I was laughing with a coworker yesterday about how I used to live in combat boots as a teenager, I looked down and acknowledged that, well, ten years later, I was wearing riding boots—a close footwear cousin. Some things never change, I suppose.

Did you like math when you were in high school? How has your style changed or stayed the same since you were a teenager? 

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