When I first went back to school to become an RD, I had all these identity crisis thoughts swirling around in my head. Did this mean I would have to morph into a Type-A cookie cutter? I had an image in my head of the bottle-blonde, well-heeled dietitian who only seemed to talk about fiber, green juice, and childhood obesity. Was I allowed to have non-food/health-related hobbies? Luckily, time mellowed out my fears as I realized that for better or worse, I will always be me, regardless of how blonde my hair is at a given time or what kinds of shoes I’m wearing.

And you know what? My version of healthy living leaves room for things like drinking a gin cocktail while making oatmeal for the week ahead. Or one-person dance parties just because. Growing up, I danced in my bedroom all the damn time. Then I got out of the habit—dorm roommates, live-in boyfriends, etc. Eventually I rediscovered some of my sillier solo pastimes, and um, yeah.

Dancing like no one was watching circa 2005 or 6.

That costume party where I went as Mick Jagger, dancing like no one was watching circa 2005 or 6. <3 embarrassing old photos…

When everything around you feels so serious, sometimes the best medicines are laughter and movement and music. I might have danced and listened to this song a lot last night. Best cure for the sad bastard blues ever. Way better than online shopping. And besides, what’s the point of having your own apartment if you can’t dance around in your pajamas? Even if you are 27 and not 17…

Be honest, do you still have dance parties by yourself? What are your favorite songs to dance to? 

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