May I present KFC’s Double Down. This sandwich consists of two fried chicken fillets along with bacon, cheese, and “Colonel’s sauce.”

In other words, your basic vegan’s worst nightmare.

At first glance, it seems like you could file this beast under “low carb,” but then you have to consider the breading on the chicken.
I just can’t get around the idea of how you could eat this like a sandwich. I’d probably have to go at it with a knife and fork, but then, I eat pizza with a knife and fork. This is totally the kind of thing you’d want to split with someone, though I’m sure there are tons of people out there who’d call one of these lunch.
Someone on a blog quipped that pretty soon, it may become a hipster trend to double-down sandwiches ironically.
Dude, this thing is totally epic—and I’m talking, like, 1700 kcal epic, like, “I just got kicked off the island and just returned to civilization” epic.

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