I finally woke up feeling 99% normal this morning—only a little bit of the sniffles hanging on. I like to treat myself to a really good pilates class on Thursday mornings, and I was happy I felt up to it today.  I’d been starting to get a little stir-crazy spending so much time on the futon blowing my nose, but I wasn’t going to go out if I was still feeling awful.  Luckily, the weather and my immune system cooperated.

My sister was around, so we made plans to meet up for lunch. We ended up walking over to BareBurger on LaGuardia near Bleecker. She’d been before and loved it, and I’m always up for trying something new, especially if it’s a restaurant that focuses on organic food and sustainability. Even better, we were able to sit outside.

In honor of it being the last week of our spring semester, we decided to split a beer. We were both curious about the Samuel Smith Raspberry Ale. Oh. My. God. It was delicious. I am not a big beer drinker, and I’m sure you can hardly call this fruit ale “beer,” but it was love at first sip. I’m definitely going to be bringing this to gatherings this summer. 

We also ordered a basket of fries, which came with four different types of ketchup and some apple cider vinegar. I’m picky about fries, but I liked these a lot—just the right amount of crispy-ness without being greasy. I only tried the curried ketchup and the apple cider vinegar but liked both a lot.

One thing I liked about this place was that all the burgers are available with a 6-oz beef, lamb, turkey, ostrich, bison, grilled chicken, elk, veggie or portabella burger.  At some places, servers look at you sideways if you ask for a veggie burger in place of a meat-based one. There are also a lot of salads, appetizers, and other dishes available on the menu that I’d love to go back and try.

I went with the California Avocado Burger, which comes with raw milk cheddar, haas avocado, romaine, tomato, red onion, and cilantro lime dressing. The multi-grain bun was only okay, but the veggie burger was delicious. I was a little surprised I couldn’t finish it, but I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite.

Because my day is not complete without a little ridiculousness, as a waiter was passing, he dropped what I’m guessing was a basket of fries with sauce, splattering white sauce (mayo?) all over my right leg. Luckily, I’d gone bare-legged thanks to the nice weather, so all I needed was a napkin to wipe the goo off.

Of course, before that could happen, the guy at the next table had to shout, “Your leg looks delicious!” Hah, cannibal…That probably would not have occurred had I been dining with Chris, but it was still a pretty funny situation.

After running a few errands, I decided to walk most of the way home, since it’s so nice out. The rest of the day will probably be spent enjoying not having a final to study for—drinking green things, practicing the harp and reading non-school books.

Have a good one!

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