It’s snowing in New York this morning. I guess it’s back to the winter weather.

One good thing about being in grad school and working mostly from home is lazy weekday mornings. Or sort of lazy. I’ll go to the gym in a little while once it’s less crowded and then finish up some notes for class before I have to leave, but for now, I’m just hanging out in my bathrobe, playing around on the ukulele and just enjoying being able to take the morning at my own pace. It’s so rare I get to do that, and I know a lot of people who would agree.

Sometimes when I have an article due or something it’s different, but today I’m enjoying a short respite between writing assignments. Of course, even slow mornings require fuel. Today, I made a bowl of oatmeal with banana cooked in and added a tablespoon of almond butter. If you’ve never tried it, you have to! I got the idea from the lovely Jade Sylvan, who blogs over at Boston Massage Therapy’s Boston Healing Blog. All you do is stir the almond butter into the oatmeal until it melts in. Sooo good. Even better, it actually keeps me full until lunchtime!

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