After this 2,710 calorie fried-onion-and-dip appetizer appeared on a “20 Worst Foods in America” list by the authors of Eat This, Not That!, Chili’s finally decided to pull the dish from its menu. More info here.

I’ve always been more into sweets than greasy stuff, so I won’t miss this fried flower, but if you’re this news really bums you out, you can get your fix at Dallas BBQ in New York. You may recall from my May post about a trip I took there with friends visiting from Paris. Everything is bigger at Dallas BBQ, including the curiously crispy “onion loaf” (pictured).
I don’t know if I want to go so far as to say I wish all restaurants would stop serving stuff like that (this is a free country, after all), but I do wish that portions would be regulated a little more closely. A few onion rings won’t kill ‘ya, and they make a nice accent, but a loaf really doesn’t give you much nutritional value for your money—just empty calories.
Wouldn’t you rather eat something that will give you energy to go do whatever it is you’ve got going on after lunch? To someone studying nutrition, it seems pretty basic, I guess, but I can understand how tough it can be to filter through all the FAT SUGAR SALT signals we are constantly being sent. What I really wish is that there were a way to make nourishing foods marketable. Maybe if we found a way to make them affordable, hm?

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