IMG_5347Holy s***.  April is coming—and not like “so is Christmas,” but, like, day after tomorrow. Well, that was fast.

Speaking of Christmas, anyone else ever find their nearest and dearest tend to give them the same kind of well-intentioned/thoughtful gift that goes unused? I, for one, am completely guilty of neglecting the wealth of cookbooks on my shelf!

After reading about Tina’s April Cookbook challenge, I decided to give it a whirl. I mean, what the hell? One recipe a week from one of these lovely cookbooks! I can totally handle that. At least I think so. Let’s see how this goes…

If I were being really ambitious, I’d try to make recipes using up recipes I’m trying to clear out of my cabinets. What’s that expression—shoot for the moon and you’ll end up with the stars? Something like that. Cheers to lofty goals! If you want to link up with my by sharing your favorite deep-cleaning finds, post with the hashtag  #CulinarySpringCleaning. While you’re at it, follow me at Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter so we can be social media buddies.

Do you do any spring-cleaning? Ever done a recipe challenge?  


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