This time it’s personal. A few members of my family were not feeling well this past week, and we think we know why now…

This week, Ready Pac Foods, Inc., a southern California food distributor, recalled 702 cases of bagged spinach salad after federal investigators found E. coli in sample tests. If you have recently purchased salad mixes with a July 4 use-by date, and product code I1707B, IR127121, or products with a July 8 use-by date and code I2007B, IR130373, it’s advised that you throw them out.

Um, great, since July 4th was last weekend…We brought two bags of this spinach to the beach and used it all. Supposedly the only states these products were sold to were California, Washington and Arizona, but it’s not completely outlandish to think that there could be other contaminated batches. Luckily, nobody got really sick, but it still makes me angry that so many consumers often suffer through no fault of their own. Why can’t food companies get their act together? E. coli in freaking spinach? Again?!

You can read more here.

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