I celebrated not having any exams to study for this weekend by enjoying my Saturday out and about in the city with my mom.

Since she’s the only other person in my family with a natural love of crunchy-granola fare, we went to Angelica Kitchen for lunch, where we each ordered the “Wee Dragon Bargain,” which came with black bean soup (need to make my own, ASAP), and what may be the most amazing bread I’ve ever had.

Seriously, I’m not normally a bread person, but I could have easily made a meal out of this cornbread. I already found the recipe online and can’t wait to try it at home…The miso-tahini spread it came with was also pretty ridiculous.

The Wee Dragon Bowls turned out not to be bowls and all, and not even remotely “wee,” but it’s hard for me to say no to a giant plate of steamed veggies, tofu, beans, and brown rice. We both ended up having to wrap most of it up, though. Chris and I enjoyed the leftovers for dinner. 

Also, I’ve never been the hugest fan of Pinkberry, but for some reason I enjoy getting it once in a great while—When my mom comes to visit we often end up there. Yesterday, we each tried a “mini” cup of their new pumpkin flavor. It cracks me up that the “mini” is actually the closest to a USDA standard portion size for frozen yogurt. Oh, America…

As far as Halloween festivities go, Chris and I made up our Boca-burglar costumes in five minutes before heading out the door to our friends’ place to watch horror movies. I can now say I’ve seen The Thing.


Happy Halloween, everyone! Did anyone else dress up this year?

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