Hope that everyone affected by Winter Storm Juno is safe and warm today! My event for this morning got canceled, and my only clients for the day were online or over the phone, so I feel lucky I wound up with a little found time. Maybe not being able to go anywhere will keep me motivated to stay in the writing cave and bang out some assignments. Because I’m a super-type-A nerd, I’m also looking forward to cleaning and maybe doing some organizing.

(claps hands)

At least I have enough chocolate…chocolate shelf

I should probably pretend this was bought in preparation for the storm, but this is just the normal state of things. Even if I only eat a square or two on a given day, I have a habit of picking up anything that catches my eye or stocking up when favorites go on sale. And yes, that is a Lindt chocolate Santa leftover from Christmas.

Speaking of snowstorm food shopping, all the posts on NYC’s kale shortage cracked me up. I’d bought a few containers on Sunday for a demo event I thought was happening today, so I feel like I have all the kale now. And all the arugula. Sorry, guys.

If you’re affected by the snow, how are you spending your day? 

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