One thing I particularly dislike about air travel is the food options. On my layover between Zurich and New York I had to decide between several less-than-appealing sandwiches and, well, chocolate.

I am not neccessarily of the belief that airport food is representative of a country’s cuisine, though I am now curious to know what about the Swiss food culture makes butter on a mozzarella-and-tomato sandwich okay. There’s room for both cheese and butter in a balanced diet, but together, on the same sandwich?

After the fantastic buffalo mozzarella and farm-fresh tomatoes I got to eat in Southern Italy, this was kind of a downer. Still, I’m happy to be on my way to New York, and airport food is just a part of the journey, I suppose. At least I didn’t have the salami-and-butter sandwich. Now that would have been truly hard to take.

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